Customer Formula Feed Manufacturing
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We’ll work with your nutritionist or your specifications to create a custom feed mix that maximizes profitability for your dairy, hog, beef or poultry operation.

We stock all types of grains and supplements to create the proper mix for your needs. Call us to check the prices for this valuable service – it’s very competitive and can offer a great improvement for your farm’s bottom line.

Many of our competitors simply offer a few choices of feed mixes – we can create a mix that completely meets the nutritional factors that you specify. Call us (717-272-3225) for more information on our Customer Formula Feed Manufacturing.


Bulk Commodities


Corn *
Corn Distillers
Soy Hulls
Wheat Midds
Pro Lak ®
Blood Meal
Barley *

Oats *
Roasted Soybeans *
48% Soybean Meal
Corn Gluten Meal
Bakery Feed
Soy Plus ®
Citrus Pulp Pellets
Beet Pulp Shreds


* Most of these commodities are available as whole grains, flaked, ground or rolled.

Triple-M-Farms offers a complete range of bulk commodities that cover every nutritional need. Use our simple on-line form to request a price for any of these commodities.


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