Triple-M-Farms is a family-owned operation that’s been in the feed business since 1982. The Musser Family originally purchased the mill to have a grain drying facility and storage area, as well as to mill feed for their nearby beef and hog farm.

Soon after the Mussers purchased the facility, a livestock nutritionist approached them regarding creating customer formula feed for his customers. Since the mill was more than sufficient for their own needs, the Mussers worked with him to meet his request. That was our first customer formula feed order – now we’re well known across the mid-Atlantic states for that service.

Today, we’ve expanded our services to include a complete list of bulk commodities, bulk or bagged deliveries and several pricing programs that meet the flexible needs of agri-businesses. We can partner with your nutritionist to mix feeds that meet your farm’s specific needs.

We strive to give our customers excellent service and excellent product – from the first contact to the final delivery.

How can we be of service to you? Along with custom feed mixing, we offer a full line of services and products. Call Triple-M-Farms today to discuss how we become a crucial partner in your dairy, beef, hog, and poultry operation’s nutritional program.

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